Integrity is an integral part of MAC's value system. Our high standard of integrity manifests itself by communicating clearly and honestly with investors, portfolio company management and employees as well as other stakeholders while demanding the same level of integrity in return.

Teamwork: MAC employees work together as a team to create an environment whereby team members' talents are fully maximized not at the expense of other team members' talents. We also work in a team environment in which input from all levels of management and staff are welcomed.

Imagination: MAC employees provide imaginative solutions that create investor value by foreseeing trends and by identifying market opportunities before its competitors do.

Excellence: We strive to be a private equity firm that other private equity firms use as a barometer to measure their successes. MAC constantly seeks to improve its performance by assessing factors that can be approved upon even in its most successful deals.

Accountability: Collective responsibility is a value that MAC holds dear. MAC views the purpose of accountability not to single individuals out, but to highlight what it missed and more importantly how it could improve on the process the next time.

Diversity: MAC seeks talent from a diverse pool of candidates whose skill sets and experiences make MAC a more inclusive firm and by extension increase its investor returns.

Credit Sharing: Credit belongs to the firm and not to an individual member of the firm.

Making lives better: MAC's efforts to create sustainable and outstanding investor returns coincides with its investments in portfolio companies that better the life quality of its customers by offering innovative healthcare products and services at affordable rates.