MAC Offices

Manhattan Atlantic Capital, LLC "MAC"(Company registration number 5313952) is a mid private equity firm. MAC specializes in both mid cap majority or minority healthcare and consumer investments in areas such as diagnostics, healthcare services, health insurance, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and consumer sectors. MAC has offices in New York where it operates under Manhattan Atlantic Capital LLC, in London where it operates under Manhattan Atlantic, LP (Company Registration Number LP022411), in Johannesburg where it operates under Manhattan Atlantic Capital Pty Ltd.(Company Registration Number 2017/062709/07) MAC's partners have deep healthcare, consumer and private equity knowledge. MAC has developed a sophisticated framework for evaluating, acquiring and growing potential targets that it invests in.

The firm is based on a culture that is forwarding looking and committed to scaling businesses. The MAC team’s deep understanding and experiences with the healthcare and consumer sectors enables it to source deals and promptly add value to those deals.